About Us



Queensland Genomics was established to drive collaboration between the state’s health system, research and academic communities.

Queensland Genomics is funded by the Queensland Government and administered by The University of Queensland.

Queensland Genomics Executive Director, David Bunker, reports to Queensland Genomics Governance Oversight Group which includes senior representation from Queensland Health, Queensland Research Institutes, The University of Queensland, as the Administering Agent, and Queensland Genomics Program Operations.

The objective for this group is to provide the essential strategic oversight for the Queensland Genomics Program, acting as advocates at senior levels at a state and national level; supporting connection to the health and research systems; and acting upon advice provided by established governance and advisory groups through the Executive Director.

Governance Oversight Group

  • Senior QH Representative (Commissioning Agent) – Professor Keith McNeil (Chair), Chief Clinical Information Officer, Queensland Health;

  • Senior UQ Representative (Administering Agent) – Professor Mark Blows, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research), The University of Queensland;

  • Independent (National/International) Representative – Professor Robyn Ward, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney; Chair, Commonwealth Medical Services Advisory Committee and member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee; Co-Chair for Global Genomics Medicine Collaborative (G2MC); member of the National Steering Committee, Australian Genomics Health Alliance;

  • Executive Director – Mr. David Bunker.