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12 April 2019

Seminar: Data consent, discoverability and linking: Three cornerstones of genomic data sharing

Presenter: Anthony Brookes, Professor of Genomics and Bioinformatics, University of Leicester
Where: Auditorium, UQ Centre for Clinical Research, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Campus
Abstract: Sharing of genomic data is: (a) pointless without other information beyond Ts, Cs, As & Gs; (b) challenged by numerous considerations that are equally relevant to sharing any form of sensitive data, especially ‘big data’; and (c) impossible to do without first getting (at least) three cornerstones organised — namely data consent, discoverability, and linking.
This presentation focuses on the latter three elements, showing examples, standards and software of relevance. View the seminar here.

25-26 March 2019

25 March 2019

Oxford Nanopore MinION Workshop

Oxford Nanopore experts will provide attendees with a comprehensive data analysis overview followed by practical hands-on experience running different analysis workflows.

Queensland Cancer Genomics Information Session

Queensland Genomics and the Statewide Cancer Clinical Network are holding a Queensland Cancer Genomics Information Session focused on implementing clinical cancer genomics across Queensland Health, to update health care professionals on the development of cancer genomics in Queensland Health. For more information or to register email Dayna Williamson (

14-15 March 2019

National Somatic Variant Curation Workshop

Brought to you by Queensland Genomics, the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance delivered a two-day instructive, ‘hands on’ professional workshop, focused on variant curation specifically for cancer.

All Hands 2

Queensland Genomics held All Hands 2, the second meeting for the Alliance Community, in February 2019.  The event was an opportunity for Queensland Genomics members to share information, findings and future plans for the Queensland Genomics program.

22 February 2019

12 & 19 February 2019

GP Information Sessions

More than 100 GPs turned out over two sessions in February to hear about genomics basics for Primary Care: general genomics for GPs, and cancer genomics for GPs.

GP’s and primary care are the frontline of health services in Australia. Genetics and genomics is a rapidly expanding field and it is important that General Practitioners are aware of new developments so that they may identify suitable patients for referral and understand how to supply suitable advice if a referral is not necessary.

Dr Chirag Patel, Consultant Clinical Geneticist with Genetic Health Queensland presented on common problems seen in general practice involving genetics.

Dr Helen Marfan, Consultant Clinical Geneticist with Genetic Health Queensland presented on cancer genetics for GPs.

The two evening events were held as a joint initiative between Metro North GPLO, and the Brisbane North Primary Health Network. Queensland Genomics sponsored the event.

You can view these sessions here (under ‘Education resources’, click on ‘Genetics’).

23-24 November 2018

Annual Australian Clinical Genomics Symposium (AACGS) 2018, Brisbane

This year, AACGS has been organised by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australian Genomics and Queensland Genomics Health Alliance.

As part of our ongoing commitment to decrease the gap between genomic research and the clinic, we invite you to attend this symposium that will highlight best practice and challenges facing the implementation of genomics in clinical practice.

At AACGS 2018, we will update you on the latest developments in genomic medicine.  The event brings together respected local and international speakers to share perspectives, case experiences and to investigate the latest strategies for integrating clinical genomics into daily practice.

An Introduction to Variant Curation Workshop, Brisbane

QGHA in collaboration with the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance held a two-day practical workshop 'An Introduction to Variant Curation' at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 August 2018. Click here for more.

23-24 August 2018

QGHA at the Health Consumers Queensland Forum, Brisbane

QGHA held a Personalised Medicine and You session at the 2018 Annual Health Consumers Queensland Forum on 14 June 2018. The two hour event was attended by around 90 people and featured presentations from health professionals, researchers, QGHA staff and consumers. Click here for more. 

14-15 June 2018


QGHA Seminar Series - Dr Simon Patton

In partnership with the Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics and Pathology Queensland QGHA hosted an open invitation seminar with Dr Simon Patton during his Australian visit in March 2018. Dr Patton is based in Manchester, United Kingdom where he directs the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) within the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. The EMQN is the global leader in the provision of External Quality Assessment (EQA) schemes to diagnostic laboratories in the fields of genetics and pathology. Click here for more.

5 March 2018


QGHA Seminar Series - Dr Teri Manolio

QGHA hosted an open invitation seminar with Dr Teri Manolio during her Australian visit in February 2018. Dr Manolio is based in Bethesda, Maryland and directs the National Human Genome Research Institute’s (NHGRI) Division of Genomic Medicine, where she leads programs to develop and implement genomic applications in clinical care.  Click here for more.

23 February 2018


QGHA All Hands - QGHA’s first meeting for the Alliance Community

QGHA’s first meeting for the Alliance Community - All Hands – was held on 14th November. The day showcased some of the QGHA’s cross-project relationships through a series of panel discussions, and was also a great forum for the Alliance community to get together and meet, to learn about each other’s work, and to network. Click here for more.

14 November 2017


QGHA Nosocomial Project: Practical Microbial Genomics Workshop for ID Workforce

The Nosocomial Infections project held a Practical Microbial Genomics Workshop at UQCCR in November. The focus of the event was to help clinicians, public health practitioners, infection control nurses and others to understand the role, application, practical implementation and pitfalls of WGS for molecular microbiology and epidemiology.  Click here for more.

4 November 2017